What is Video Advertising?

video advertising helpImagine showing your ad to the perfect customer nearly every time? Facebook advertising does a really good job of it, but YouTube does an even better.

So what is video advertising? We grew up watching commercials on television. And while that is still a great way to get out your message, it can be very expensive and used primarily by large companies. Times are changing. Increasingly more people get their news, sports, movies, entertainment, and information online. YouTube is the largest server of content. So advertising on YouTube just makes sense.

Getting Started

To advertise on YouTube, you’ll need a Google Adwords account. The account is free, and sign-up is easy. I recommend that you also set up a free YouTube account and create a YouTube Channel. I’ve outlined how to set up a free YouTube account and channel here. Connect your YouTube channel to your Adwords account – here are the steps. Lastly; you’ll need a video to promote.  It can be a video of your business, the services you offer, or the products you sell. Upload the video to your YouTube Channel.

Your video is your advertising piece. Now think about who your desired audience is. If you are a hardware store, it might make sense to have your video ad appear before a popular video on a Do-It-Yourself style channel. If you are a grocery store, your video can appear ahead of a popular cooking video. With Adwords, you can set your video ad to only show within a 30-mile radius of your store.


The Silver Bow Club in Divide, Montana has an awesome video that gives a great overview of the fishing, the property, and the gorgeous scenery of the Big Hole River.

So here’s what we did…

  • Uploaded the video to the Silver Bow Club’s YouTube Channel
  • We connected the Adwords account and the YouTube Channel
  • In Adwords, we created a campaign and an Ad Group for the Video Ad
  • In ‘Placements’, we chose channels and videos for the SBC video to play on
  • In ‘Demographics, we selected age groups to show the ad to.
  • We created a budget, added a video overlay

The Results

  • 17.9% of viewers watched at least 30 seconds of the video
  • Cost per view averaged only .07 cents!
  • Over 20% of viewers over 50 watched more than 30 seconds (the most desired viewer – disposable income)
  • Huge boost to brand awareness and recognition


  • Pack as much action as you can in the first 5 seconds of a video so viewer is less apt to skip the ad.

  • Be sure your video will appeal to potenial viewers. Choose channels or specific videos to advertise on.

  • You only pay for the view if the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video or entire video (if less than 30 seconds) – What a great way to build brand awareness!

  • Create a video overlay for your video add so viewers can click into your website.

  • In Adwords, you can target demographics such as location, age, marital status, keywords, and interests.

  • In Adwords, you can target gender, income and parental status.

  • You can choose the time of day, a date to start and/or stop your video ad