Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp, TripAdvisor, confused? We can help! Social Media is quite a buzz word in the advertising world. It joins friends and family and allows them to share images, thoughts and experiences. There are numerous social sites on the web, each reaches customers in a slightly different way. Does your business need to be socially active? If you are in the hospitality business or if you represent a vacation destination such as a town, county, city, or geographic area that welcomes visitors, the answer is absolutely. We manage social media accounts for lodging properties and destination marking organizations.

Social Media Advertising

Want to reach a little further? Grow your visitor base? Social Media advertising is a great way. This very targeted advertising avenue reaches visitors based on their friends and their interests. Not sure where to start? We can create ads for social media sites and increase your customer base. Target users based on the interests – perhaps the best way to market hospitality properties. Call or click for a free consultation.

Social Media Management

Word of Mouth Marketing

Think of social media as ‘word of mouth’. If your co-worker came to work on Monday raving about the place she visited over the weekend, you may be interested in that destination. And if she brought in pictures of the destination that showed her and her family having a great time, you may be even more interested in the destination. Next, she shows you a video of the campfire they had Saturday night. Do you see where I am going with this? On Facebook people share their experiences with their friends. Often they tag or ‘check in’ the business or area they visited. YouTube hosts videos from many people’s vacations. Yelp and TripAdvisor is where visitors tell the world about their experiences. It is essential to have a social presence to reap the benefits of happy visitors talking about your destination.

Join the Conversation!

Do not let everyone else talk about you (your destination or hospitality property). Join the conversation! Your reputation depends on it. With a business social site, it is a place where your visitors and customers can talk about you and talk to you. You can thank visitors for sharing their images, answer questions or. Better yet, you can start the conversation. A very popular one-line Facebook question at the lodge in the winter was..
“It was 10 degrees this morning, what was your temperature?”
356 likes and 110 comments later, we knew the morning temperatures all over the US and Great Britain. What did that do for us? Top of mind awareness of at least 356 people that one morning.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

From establishing your social presence to social advertising campaigns and everything in between, we can manage your social presence or coach you to social success. Based in Montana, we work with clients all over the US.

Your customers love to vacation at your property. It takes very little to get them to return. Your customers are using social media. Do you communicate regularly with them?

No time, no worries! We manage social media pages. We can post specials, create content and keep your fan base engaged and growing.

We build and manage social media marketing campaigns and analyze data to refine and improve results.

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