Create a Powerful Online Presence

Easily Create a Powerful Online Presence

This is perhaps my most valuable tip yet – create a free business listing on every large website that has value to your business. Put another way, claim as much free internet real estate as possible. Each of these listings usually allow a link back to your website. Backlinks help with SEO, so for this reason alone, creating a listing is worth your time.

Getting Set Up

With a little work up front, creating listings and growing your online presence is a breeze. In a Word document, create a description of your business. It should be at least 300 words long, broken into 2 or more paragraphs with the ‘meat’ of the information in the first paragraph. Write the description as ‘keyword rich’ as possible. Important keywords include all services you offer and your location. Descriptions can be as long as 1200 words. If yours is that long, just be sure the most important information is at the top.

*Helpful Tip – If the home page of your website has a great, keyword rich description, use that for your online presence description!

A consistent message will raise your organic ranking and strengthen your brand. Next assemble 4-10 quality photos of your business along with your logo. I like to create a file in My Documents for my business description and images so they are handy. Now I am ready to create listings and copy/paste my way to a powerful online presence.

Where to Start

Every business and business owner should have a LinkedIn account. This is a professional, social media platform. Create a personal account, then create a page for your business. Manta, Google My Business, Yelp are good places to start. Depending on your business, choose the most relevant places to create a business listing. Here are a some recommended places to create a business listing to strengthen your online presence.

*Helpful Tip – If your business is lucky enough to be written up in a newspaper or magazine article, often writers use snippets of your online business description. Be sure your online business description comes from you.

Review Your Business Description Annually

It’s a great idea to review your business description annually. Perhaps you’ve expanded, added a second location, carry a new product line or changed your business hours. Update your business description Word document and then copy and paste your updated information.

~ Lisa