Project Description

Web Page for Client’s Magazine Articles

Using Cool WordPress Functions to Gather Content

Recently, two of our clients were in the enviable position of having so many magazine articles written about them that the current way of displaying them on their websites just not flattering enough. In both instances, we created blog posts describing the article, added images from the article, added links to the article and links to the publisher. Using JetPack, the blog post then posted to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. This is a great way to let fans and followers know when a new article has been written about the lodging property.

So what’s the issue?

New blog posts push down older posts. So how does one assemble all of these great articles in one place where a potential guest researching a property can learn about them? Using WordPress categories and the blog shortcode functionality of the Avada theme, we created a web page that gathers all blog posts about articles written about the lodging property. We created a category called “Media”. Then, we edited blog posts about magazine articles and added Media as a category of the blog post. Next, we created a new web page called “Magazine Articles” for the Weatherby’s website.

Now anytime a new blog post is written about a new magazine article and it is categorized under “Media” the blog post will auto-populate in the web page. Pretty cool, huh!