Project Description

New Hampshire’s Connecticut Lakes Region

A new website and branding for a vacation destination

The Connecticut Lakes Region of New Hampshire is steeped in hunting and fishing tradition. Located on the US / Canadian border in New Hampshire, the region is known for moose watching, snowmobiling, fly fishing, large whitetail and the vast woods.

The sporting pursuits fueled a growing tourism trade in the last century. Timber camps hosted hunters in the fall while sporting camps built on lakeshores hosted anglers who pursued trout and landlocked salmon.

Today, motor sports have added to the area’s appeal. With more than 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails attracting visitors to the region, winter is a bustling time for the area. In summer, ATVs have gained in popularity. Local snowmobile and ATV clubs work hard to keep the trail systems in tip top shape.

The new website captures the area’s beauty and its outdoor recreation offerings. For this project we created a new logo for New Hampshire’s Connecticut Lakes Region, created a fresh, modern website and leveraged vacationer’s shared images. To generate income, this site features related advertising. Additionally, we provided many of the images on the site. We consulted with local businesses understand current clientele and collaborated to generate ideas for marketing to new audiences.

A Facebook page drives visitors into the website and blog pages keep the content fresh.

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