Project Description

Website for Vacation Cabins in Montana

The Montana Rock Creek Cabins are located outside of Missoula, Montana. We designed a website, took quality images, created video tours and launched a Facebook and Google Adwords search marketing campaign.

Responsive Website Design

The website is fully responsive and looks beautiful on computer monitors, tablets, phones, and televisions! Most pages feature scrolling photos pertinent to the page content. The main menu is nearly transparent so the menu items appear over the top of the photos. The site is 1280 px wide for content, full width for images which makes the images just pop on screens of all sizes.

Mobile View

Online Reservations

Using CheckFront reservation system, we easily integrated online reservations into the ‘reservations’ page of the webpage making online bookings a snap.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

To drive visitors to the site, we set up a Google Adwords search marketing campaign. Now folks who search for a place to stay and fish on Rock Creek will see the ad for the cabins on the first page of the search results. Further, we made sure all photos have properly names Alt Tags and the pages filled with keyword rich, descriptive text.


To complete the website visually for the user, using video and still images, we created a video tour. The video tour is hosted on YouTube and Vimeo. On YouTube, we added descriptive text and keywords to be sure the video will appear in YouTube search results.

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