Project Description

New Website for JM Bar Outfitters

Website Design for Hunting Outfitter


JM Bar Outfitters, a horseback riding and big game hunting outfitter in Montana, needed a new website. The old website was dated, added new images was difficult and the site did not allow for video. Built on the WYSIWYG platform, the site was not responsive. A new site was needed for better appearance on phones and tablets and for a more modern feel.


On our development server, we began building the site using the WordPress platform. WordPress makes it easy for site owners to maintain their websites without the need of a web designer to do minor updates. We chose a responsive theme so the website could be viewed perfectly whether on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone. We installed Google Analytics and set up a reporting schedule so the site owner can view website traffic and understand the visitor’s behavior within the website.

Using images provided by JM Bar Outfitters, we edited images, cropped them for sliders and optimized them when within pages. We created three separate image sliders. One for the home page, contact page and about page that give an overview of the business. Next we created a slider for the trail rides page. This slider featured images of the horses and people enjoying horseback riding in Montana. Lastly we created a slider for the big game hunting. Hunter love to view images of successful hunters. These images may not have appealed to people looking for trail riders so we kept the ‘success’ photos on the pages that dealt exclusively with hunting.

Lastly, we added text where needed, changed text to optimize the site for search and created H1, H2, H3 and H4 headings.

See for yourself at JMBAROUTFITTERS.COM

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