Madison River Photo Essay

Photography and Fly Fishing

We always jump at the chance to return to the Madison Valley and do a photo shoot on the river for the Rainbow Valley Lodge in Ennis, Montana. For this trip, our job was to illustrate the spring fishing opportunities on the river. This was the first year in many years that a section of river – from Lyons Bridge to McAttee Bridge – was open for fishing beginning March 1. This upper section of the Madison River is especially beautiful. With the dramatic scenery and excellent fishing, our job was an easy one.

Veteran fly fishing guide, Mike Elliott, was incredibly patient with us and helped us capture some really great images. We were cautiously observed by a resident herd of elk as we rounded a corner and we observed eagles hunting. The day was perfect for a spring fly fishing trip and photo shoot!

The images we shot will be used in the Rainbow Valley Lodge’s website, on their social media sites and in print promotional materials.

Words simply cannot describe how incredibly beautiful the Madison Valley was on that sunny afternoon in early April. The snow capped mountains provided a dramatic backdrop for our great fishing. For more on the area visit the Backroad to Yellowstone.