Hospitality Photography

An image says a 1000 words. Do the images on your vacation destination website say the ‘words’ that will turn a viewer into a guest? What does it take to create awesome images for a hospitality website? Here are the top three things to do when shooting images!

Hospitality Photography Guest Room

1. The image MUST be inviting. If a potential guest can visualize himself / herself in the image, the reservation phone lines will ring!

Hotel photographer and photography

2. Stage the Room. When shooting guest accommodations, have them be in perfect shape! Is the guest room neat and tidy? Curtains straight, shades all at the same height, pillows plumped and even? Is the bedspread neat and even? Hide promotional literature, Kleenex boxes, tip envelopes, etc before taking the picture.

Photographer Dining room at rental cabin


3. Image software is our friend. Wouldn’t it be great if we could completely control a photo shoot? Well, we can’t. Not enough sun, too much sun, shadows, light reflection are just some of the challenges. The images I am using for this blog post were plagued with light issues. We use Adobe’s Photoshop software to correct images, light, shadows and more. There are numerous free applications online to help you make a good shot a great one.

Website Designer for Lodge Property

Be sure to take lots of shots, extra shots can be used in advertising, in social posts, or used in press releases.