Hospitality Operations

Not the sexiest subject when thinking about beautiful vacation getaways.. but certainly one of the most important aspects of running a successful hospitality property. Our years of hands-on experience can help your operation with customer service, facility appearance, reservation systems, adventure programs, ordering and more. On-site staff training to improve customer service, operations effeminacy evaluations and secret shopping is some of the services we can provide.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is the foundation of your successful business. Training your employees to value your property’s reputation, to ask for reviews and respond to feedback in person and online is essential. From guest questionnaires to thank you notes, we’ll help you devise strategies to secure and bolster your property’s awesome reputation.

Hospitality Consultants Help with Hospitality Operations

Policy and Procedure

Getting everyone on the same page, wow what a job! Having written policy and procedure manuals for all jobs is the key to consistency. Training is an easier task if there is a procedure manual that a new employee can reference. Separate procedure manuals should be written for the front desk, reservations, maintenance, food service (both front and back of the house), housekeeping and other (retail shop/guide service/transportation, etc).

Establish guidelines and expectations for employees with an Employee Handbook. While these creating manuals and procedures are time-consuming, once created, they are incredible time savers. And most importantly, visitor experience a consistently run operation. Think Applebee’s; consistent food, consistent atmosphere, consistent facilities.

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