The Lazy Marketer’s Guide To Facebook Posts

Aka: How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for every business. It creates top-of-mind awareness that often leads to sales. But, as I’ve heard so often, it’s just another chore to do on a busy day of running a business. Agreed. So how do you maintain a robust Facebook presence without adding to your daily to-do list? Scheduled posts.

It’s easy, here’s how to do it.

  1. Carve out 1-2 hours of time per month to do Facebook posts. This is often the hardest step. Decide if you want to post weekly, daily, or on certain days of the week. Assemble images and ideas for posts for the coming month.
  2. Log in to your Facebook business page. If you do not have a business page, here are the steps to get one.
  3. Create your first post. An image with 1-4 sentences works best.
  4. Before clicking the publish button, notice the downward pointing arrow in the right portion of the publish button. Click the arrow. This brings up options for publishing your post, Schedule, Backdate, and Save Draft. Choose Schedule.
  5. With the Schedule window open, select a time and date for your post to publish. Studies show posting between 1-4 pm can bring the highest engagement rates.
  6. Click the Schedule button, and you’re done! Your post will be live on the date and time you selected.

Making Changes

You can edit or review your scheduled posts easily. At the top of your recent posts, you’ll see the number of scheduled posts for your page with a link to view them. Click ‘view posts, ’ and you’ll be taken to a page that lists your upcoming posts. Should you need to edit a post, click the post and it will open. Next, click the edit to edit the post. Should you need to reschedule the post, click the down arrow beside edit and choose re-schedule.

You can schedule up to 6 months worth of posts. Scheduled Facebook posts are a great way to set it and forget it while keeping in touch with your customers.