The Trend is your Friend – Google Trends

Using Google Trends to Plan Digital Advertising

A new tool in the digital marketers tool box is Google Trends. Having years of experience marketing fly fishing vacations, I know during Christmas week, anglers are Google Trends Fly Fishing, Hospitality Marketingthinking about where they will fish in the coming year. Perhaps they received new fly fishing gear for Christmas. Or perhaps they are surfing the web looking at fishing destinations to escape the in-laws during the holidays. Whichever the case, views of fishing web pages rise just after Christmas. Fly Fishing Shows happen all over the country beginning in January. Fishing magazines produce more issues in the spring and the retailers shelves are stocked with the newest and coolest fishing gadgets in the early spring. It is time to promote fly fishing destinations beginning after Christmas.

So why use Google Trends if you already know your audience? In today’s ever changing digital landscape, we can use all the help we can get! Google Trends data arrives in your inbox. It can work as a reminder to step up your marketing. Like all things Google, sign up is easy and tied to your Google account. Just login and ‘subscribe’ to receive trend topic information delivered to your inbox about once a week or about once a month. As a digital marketer, I select trends which are search terms vs industries, celebrities, sporting events etc. If it can trend on the internet, you can follow it on Google Trends. You can select the geographic location you wish to follow. You can follow FLY FISHING as a search term in Montana, the United States or another country such as Norway. With Google Trends, if it is searched or written about on the internet, you can follow it in Google Trends.

I use Google Trends to discover best times to market activities for hospitality properties. I can also discover  interest in the trend over time and understand any seasonality of the trend. I can view the top searches and the fastest rising search term. From Google Trends, you could discover the next, cool amenity to offer guests!