Set It and Forget It Facebook Posts

Social media takes time but with Facebook’s scheduled post feature for business pages, its a snap set a week’s worth of engagement posts in advance.  As a manager of several Facebook pages, the scheduled post feature is my best friend! With a small bit of advance planning, a new post appears daily on my Facebook business page.  For a destination town page I manage, I schedule a weekly Throw-Back Thursday post a month at a time. Planning the posts and doing them at once for a given time frame as helps keep the look and feel of the post consistent. I am also more careful to tag my scheduled posts better. Should I forget to tag them, no big deal, I can still edit themSocial Media Experts before they go live on my page.

To schedule a post, click status and begin composing your post. Just below the text box, all the way to the left you will see a clock icon. Click and now you can choose a date, time and am or pm. Include an image and choose a location if desired, Now click schedule and your post is done! To change or cancel a post, go to your Page Activity Log.

Message for the Day

Getting your message out once a day at least keeps your fans engaged. If you just said “Ugh!” no worries, I have ideas for you.

  • Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it? Wednesdays are easy, its hump day!
  • ‘Where in (insert your town or area) Wednesdays’ are fun. Choose an image from your town/area/national park and ask where the picture was taken.
  • Throw-Back Thursday can be an old-time image of your hospitality property or area. Stumped on where to find lots of old images? Search for old postcards on E-bay!
  • On Tuesday, post a link to a page that offers discounts on last minute reservations to fill in for the coming weekend.
  • Post an inviting image of your area or property weekly image on Monday morning; just when folks are getting to work and having coffee.

More Tips

Always use an image to illustrate your post. Posts with pictures are read far more than those without. Schedule your post at the time of day your fans are most apt to be at their computer. If you use Google Analytics for your website, check to see what time of day your site has the most traffic. Odds are good, your Facebook page is busy at that same time. When posting on your page, be sure you are using Facebook as your page.

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