Facebook For Business


Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends and family but did you know that Facebook can help you reach your business goals by driving sales and raising brand awareness?  Facebook offers free business pages and Facebook is fun to use.


It all starts with a personal Facebook account. If you do not have a personal Facebook profile, follow this link to get started. Set up your profile page and connect with friends. Next, click the Home tab in the upper right. You’ll see a long menu on the left. Under PAGES, click Create Page. Next choose which type of page to set up. Most readers will be a ‘Local Business or Place’. Other options include ‘Company, Organization or Institution’ (think Exxon Mobile), ‘Brand or Product’ (like Q-tips), ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure’, ‘Entertainment’ and lastly, ‘Cause or Community’. Select your page type, then select a business category from the drop-down, enter your business information and click Get Started.


Take the time to fully complete your business profile. Be sure to use your logo as your profile image and select a cover photo that represents the services you provide, the products that you sell, an image of your business or the beautiful area where your business is located. To get your fan base started, invite your friends to ‘Like’ your page. You’ll find the tab to do this on your page in the column in the lower right. Now start posting! Tell your audience about a new product. Or share an image a beautiful sunrise; posts with images or video get noticed more than plain text posts. With a new business page, it’s important to create an photo album of food you serve if your business is a restaurant, guest rooms if your business is a lodge or motel, items you sell if you are a store or anything that depicts your brand and business. Since your page is new, its important to have content in place if you want to gain followers.


Millions of Americans have a personal Facebook profile. Users let Facebook know their birthdays, who their friends are and more importantly for marketing, what their interests are. Should you ever wish to advertise on Facebook (recommended), you can target the audience of your ad. For an example, you could target users living in California, who are over the age of 30, you can choose male or female or both, who ‘Like’ Montana. You can take it further by targeting an interest such as fly fishing, elk hunting, bird watching or quilting. Pretty powerful, huh!


There are several ways to gain followers. The easiest is to get your friends on board. Then by posting interesting content, your friends will like your posts. Your friend’s friends will see their interaction with your page and some will check it out. This exposure will get you more ‘Likes’. Remember the old Faberge Organic Shampoo commercial?

Another way to gain fans is by liking other, related business ‘as your page‘. As you explore Facebook, you will see many other business pages. When viewing a business page you have the option of liking the page yourself or clicking to box to the right of the like button, showing the drop-down and choosing LIKE AS MY PAGE. Take some time to do with with businesses you wish to be noticed by. Next time you are on your page, in the left column, click on SEE PAGES FEED. This will populate posts from the pages you have liked as your page. Now start commenting, liking and sharing posts to your page. This will get your page noticed.

Another way to gain followers is to advertise on Facebook. Since this is about marketing for free, I’ll blog on that at a later date.


There is no doubt that the key to being successful on Facebook is to post and post often. But who wants to be tied down to posting daily? The good news is that you do not have to! With scheduled posts, you can take an hour and do as many as a month’s worth of posts! If you follow my work, you’ll see daily posts for several business for whom I manage their Facebook account. You would think I’m a really busy gal posting every day! Instead I plan my posts for as much as a month at a time, generally two weeks at a time and use the scheduled posts feature. When doing a status update or uploading and image or video, you’ll see the PUBLISH button. There is a downward arrow to the right on the button. Click it and a menu will drop down. Here you can schedule the post for a later time, back date it or save it as a draft. Sweet. Buffer and HootSuite are companies which offer automated posting to social media accounts. Their basic service is free!


On a side note, when you have a personal Facebook account, you can use Facebook to create accounts online with several companies such as TripAdvisor, Pandora and more. What a great time saver and it’s one less password you have to remember! Thanks for reading, be sure to connect with me on Facebook and I’ll be one of your first Facebook followers!