Email Marketing, Is It Right For Your Business?

If your business has customers, you might consider staying in touch with them via email. Periodic emails create top-of-mind awareness of your business, your brand, and your products or offerings.

Getting Started

How do you get started? I have some tips for you. There are several email service providers out there, but my two favorites are Constant Contact and MailChimp. Both offer easy-to-use tools to create beautiful email templates, manage email lists and have customizable signup forms for your website. Plans start at $0 (Free!) at MailChimp and $20 monthly at Constant Contact making email marketing very inexpensive. Your greatest investment is your time setting up templates and creating engaging emails.

Creating Email Lists

If you have a customer list that includes email addresses, you have a great start. No customer email lists? No worries, both services offer list building tools for your website, Facebook page, online store, or online booking providers.

Email Ideas

Make it worth their time to open and read your email. Tell customers about an upcoming sale or offer a special price on a new item in your store. In an email, send a fishing report that includes upcoming available dates if you are an outfitter or fly shop. A restaurant might include a recipe while telling customers about menu changes or new hours. Offer tips, share photos and be sure to personalize the message.

Call To Action

So what is the goal of your email? Do you want customers to schedule an appointment? Purchase items? Make dinner reservations? Whatever the goal, have a clear call to action in your email. A button that brings a customer your website could be important. Your phone number should be just a click to call as emails are often read on mobile devices.

As a small business, it’s not always easy to stand out. Email marketing allows you to build an audience that is interested in hearing from you.

Need help?

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