Creation of a Vacation Brand

Branding is not about getting a cool logo, it is a small start. A brand is something developed and earned over time. Your brand is the experience you give to your visitor. It is the mental image one gets when they think about your property or municipality. Think of it as a mission statement in the form of a logo or image.

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Awesome brands, what does that cool logo actually mean? In the case of the Ritz-Carlton logo, not only is it a very recognizable logo, it means luxury hotels worldwide with exceptional customer service. Isn’t it amazing, we get all that information from a drawing that looks a little like the lion in the Wizard of Oz! What information do you get from your logo? Or perhaps the better question is what information do you want visitors to understand from viewing your logo.

Vacation Destination Branding

A brand is not always just an image. What words pop into your head when you think about your area? Here’s a famous one… “What Happen in Vegas Stays in Vegas” No explanation needed on that one. I am sure your area already has words that perfectly describe your town, city or region. Let’s put them together and form a brand.

Is it everywhere?

Do you already have a great logo that conveys what your area or property is all about? Great! Now is it everywhere? Letterhead, road signs, top – left on your website, print ads, gravatar in LinkedIn and other social sites or in other words… Is your logo and/or slogan everywhere at potential visitor can see it and begin to associate it with your property/destination?

Is the message consistent?

Is your brand message consistent across all of your marketing efforts? Signage, print material, ads and online presence should all convey the same message about your property/destination. Not sure? Request a free consultation!

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