Rack up Sales with Gift Cards

For many recreational hospitality properties, the time after Thanksgiving weekend until Christmas can be very slow. While waiting for the holidays / deep snow / or the return of the snow birds, boost your cash flow by selling gift cards and gift certificates!

Take advantage of all the media hype. Big advertising has trained consumers they must shop the day after Thanksgiving. Purchasing a gift certificate at your hospitality property over the phone or online means no lines or crowds.

Chances are your gift certificate purchasers are loyal customers. Why not reward them by giving them a gift certificate too? Buy a gift card of $150 or more and receive a gift card for a fixed dollar amount or a % of the full priced card.

Use a mail service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp to get your message out. Have your message arrive at 5 am on Black Friday or just after Thanksgiving dinner. Be creative, your guests love you! This is an easy sell.

~ Lisa