Bighorn Sheep in Rut Video

Bighorn sheep mate in the fall. The mating ritual lasts a couple weeks an occurs in early November. On Rock Creek, we see the big males come down to the valley floor wot be with the females beginning in late October. By the 10th of the November, bighorn rams are seen with the heard of ewes, babies, and young rams constantly.

The bighorn rams are constantly sniffing the air to detect an ewe that has come into heat. Once in heat, ewes are more cooperative than the ewes in the video. In this videos, the ladies are not interested today.

Video For Social Media

We created this video for the social media efforts of the Montana Rock Creek Cabin. The bighorn sheep are regularly seen from the cabins. We uploaded the video to Facebook to create interest in the cabins. We also uploaded the video to YouTube as we manage their YouTube Channel.

MailChimp Email Blast

To get the maximum use of the video, we created an email blast that featured the video and sent the video to the email subscribers using MailChimp. The video was viewed by more than 35% of email recipients. Creating short films and promoting them through website, social media channels, and email blasts create top-of-mind awareness which leads to increased reservations.

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