Adding Posts to Google My Business

A couple weeks ago, Google sent my business an email suggesting I create posts for my Google My Business account. Google has created a new feature that helps catch customers’ attention. You can now post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts on Free Ways to Market Your Business, you know I love not paying $$ to reach new customers. With this new way to create posts, you can make your business stand out by creating a call to action that will display is Google Search results that feature your Google My Business listing.

So How Do I Do This?

Log in to your Google My Business Listing. (Don’t have one? Get one, here’s how) In the right-hand column, click on POSTS. Create your posts using 100 – 300 words. Add a great photo to illustrate your post. If you are promoting an event, such as a 4th of July Sale, toggle the event button to add the start and end dates. Lastly, add a button. This is your call to action. This button will take the user to your website. Choose which page you would like the visitor to land. Choose the page wisely by making sure the page they land on is related to the offer they clicked. Now preview your ad. Does it look great? Would you click on it? If yes, then click publish. Your offer is now on Google!