7 Tips to Spiff Up Your Website for 2017

Your website is a great customer-generator and selling machine. As 2016 draws to a close, now is a great time to make some small changes that could have a big impact for 2017.

1. Fresh Images

Silver Bow Club website Montana

A visually appealing website is key to converting website visitors into paying customers. Big, bold images of products, vacation accommodations or action images entice website visitors to buy
products, make reservations or book adventure trips. Are there older images on your website? If so, consider replacing them with newer images.

2. Menu

Choices are great but too many choices on a page leaves the user overwhelmed. Consider narrowing the choices down to 3 to 5 menu items. These menu items should be pages that are helpful for the user and represent your business best. Use drop downs or flyout menus for sub items. Consider creating a footer menu for links such as Directions, Contact Us, Employment Opportunities, etc.

3. Call to Action

Do your webpages tell the visitors how to proceed through your site or how to purchase? Consider adding a clear call to action on webpage. Call to action examples are Shop Now, Make Reservations, Call Now, etc. Help your visitors travel through your website with call to actions such as Learn More, Read More, Next or Keep Reading.

4. Telephone Number

This might seem obvious – include your telephone number on every page of your website. Do not make visitors search to find your contact page to get your phone number. Place your phone number in the header or footer so it appears on every webpage

5. Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Today, websites can be viewed on cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and television monitors. Nearly 50% of all online purchases are made from mobile devices. Your site must be mobile friendly and responsive (view-able on a variety of devices). Test to see if your site is mobile friendly here.

6. Bigger, Simpler and Great Colors

Have you noticed that websites seem bigger? Larger text, more padding and white space along with larger images give the illusion of a bigger website. Increase the width of your site to allow for larger images. Add padding around images and text boxes to give more emphasis on your text. And have a great color scheme, Time for a new color scheme? Find a new color palatte for free on Colors.co or ColourLovers.com

7. Social Media Links

Do you have  social media accounts? Be sure to include links to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more, on your website. Include social media links in the header or footer so they can be easily found on every page. Visitors know that social media accounts are generally updated more frequently than entire website so help your visitors find the freshest information by providing links to social media accounts.


  • Add customer testimonials to your site
  • Include an About Us page on your site. Let potential customer learn more about you, your business and staff.
  • Run spell checker on your site and fix any errors.
  • Have easy to follow directions to your business on your site. Use Google maps for visual directions.

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