5 Quick Tips to Making Shareable Content

Get the Word Out!

Sharing your business’s updates, events, and announcements with a chamber of commerce or destination marketing organization (DMO) for inclusion with their email blasts and social media messaging is smart. Here are some tips to make your message quickly shareable by a chamber or DMO, the members, and social media followers.

#1. Keep it short and make it concise.

Put the meat of your message into one paragraph. If your message is long, see tip #5

#2. Think copy and paste.

Make it easy for the recipient to copy and paste your content in their email blast, on their Facebook page, or their blog. Create your shareable content in a Word document or as an email as these formats are easy to copy and paste from. Embed links to websites if relevant.

#3. Include a graphic or image.

Messages are more likely to be read if accompanied by an image or a graphic. The graphic/image should illustrate your content. There are several free online services that allow you to create a free graphic (like the one I created for this article). Try sites like Canva, Pablo, or Adobe Spark. For free images, try Pixabay.

#4. Create an attention grabbing headline.

Tell the world what your message is about in one sentence. Your content is more likely to be read if it has a bold text and with a short, 70 characters or less, message.

#5. Create a blog post on your website.

This is my favorite way of sharing content and will give your business the biggest bang for your efforts. Create a complete message you wish to share on your website as a blog post. Then, create one concise paragraph of your message. At the end of the paragraph, add the words LEARN MORE and have those words link to your complete blog post. This increases traffic to your website and will give your website more SEO power. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.